hmm,bad reviews,and marks for a game that was for me addicting and fun..weeiirrdd

User Rating: 9 | Omerta: City of Gangsters PC
Anyway lets start with the bad this game seem to be on a target practice here.

Been there done that? yes many previous games offer startegy and gangster games..

On the other hand..

This game was fun for me from start till end..

Wasnt too hard for me to rap my head round it..always kept me busy,something fun to games that keep me busy..and i got to end it.which for me lots of times is just not happening due to difficult level,or repetetive non fun action grind...

The sound in this game was awsome..from the background music..which was soo much fun to hear,real good collection,adding to the total vibe and the acterss voices..bringing back memories of old forgaten films and games of that era.

The fights are fun as well..kind of reminded me of jaggedalience or enemyunkown...

the guns are fun..kilss are cool..when you shoot or hit something actually feel the gun ..charcter reacting fun..painfull yells when hit..some bad ass comment when downing couple of enemys etc etc
loved the diffrent charcters i got to play..some insane others cool and slick..all very ethentic to the era.

This game dosent invent the wheel,but the story was fun and compelling,and gameplay was sweet,toppled with sweet graphics and music and sound effects galore..this was simply the whole deal for me..

sometimes it dosent take 3d animation..or big Bethesada production to just have plain fun.