I seriously hope this game is brilliant

#1 Posted by Hellcanwait (860 posts) -

there seems to be no interest in this game at all.

I hope it plays like x-com with a dash of tropico city sim.

#2 Posted by CaoSong (473 posts) -
You can play the DEMO if you want, there's also some nice Gameplay Video's on Youtube, game looks pretty good, I'm excited about it.
#3 Posted by Cirkelinespark (396 posts) -
Sadly it's not.
#4 Posted by vishisluv7 (480 posts) -

Yeah, early reviews are..not good.

#5 Posted by Ollie19 (25 posts) -

terrible game! Fun for a little bit then boring as hell! Also the sandbox is useless!

#6 Posted by rgdfglfhgkh (62 posts) -

disadvatages: boring + so easy + idk what else to say

advantages (for me): thanks god i didnt buy the game and downloaded it ( illegal )

#7 Posted by BlazeKingz (591 posts) -

if not for the okay'ish combat it could of been a facebook game.

#8 Posted by Crush_Project (601 posts) -

my buddy like this more then x-com.

is adamant that x-com doesnt deserve a 9.0 rating, and this doesnt deserve a 4.0.