A great ending to a renowned trilogy.

Personally, I think this game is the second best out of all three DKC titles, the first being DKC 1. You again take up Dixie Kong as a playable character with her baby cousin, Kiddy, as her partner. Kiddy is considered a 'heavy' character, like Donkey was in the first game. He can break weak spots on the ground, defeat larger enemies, stuff like that.

The story itself is interesting enough. You gotta rescue Donkey and Diddy from a mad Kremling scientist who looks very much like K. Rool. There are new characters, enemies, and residents in this watery new world. Funky Kong has taken up boating instead of the usual flying. Wrinkly Kong is here again, as well as Cranky, who starts a DoJo training center. Numerous bears inhabit the country, who each have something to give and receive from Dixie and Kiddy in the form of trinkets and gadgets. I think the bears in this version look much better than the ones in the SNES version. They are more of a side quest if anything, but it is still fun to visit them and gather clues.

I recommend giving this game a try, just because it has catchy tunes, fun levels that aren't difficult to maneuver like in DKC 2, and worlds too interesting to pass up.