Okami HD Cheats For PS3

  1. Trophies

    There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Acquire all trophies. Top Dog
    Learn how to use Rejuvenation. Yomigami
    Learn how to use Power Slash. Tachigami
    Learn how to use Bloom. Sakigami
    Defeat enemies inside of a Devil Gate. Enemy in the Gates
    Learn how to use Cherry Bomb. Bakugami
    Learn how to use Water Lily. Hasugami
    Learn how to use Vine. Tsutagami
    Learn how to use Watersprout. Nuregami
    Learn how to use Crescent. Yumigami
    Learn how to use Galestorm. Kazegami
    Enter the Moon Cave. To the Moon, Ammy!
    Learn how to use Inferno. Moegami
    Make your way to shore without being swallowed by the Water Dragon. No Furball on the Menu
    Learn how to use Veil of Mist. Kasugami
    Learn how to use Catwalk. Kabegami
    Learn how to use Thunderstorm. Gekigami
    Learn how to use Blizzard. Itegami
    Increase your Solar Energy, Ink Pot, and Astral Pouch levels to maximum capacity. Grab Life by the Leash
    Complete your Fish Tome. No More Fish in the Sea
    Complete your Travel Guide. Have Guides Will Travel
    Complete your Treasure Tome. Give a Dog All the Bones
    Defeat all monsters on the Wanted List. Sniff 'Em Out
    Collect all Stray Beads. Leave No Chest Unopened
    Complete your Animal Tome. All Creatures Great and Small
    Learn all god techniques to fill up your Technique Scroll. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
    Complete your Bestiary. From Imps to Demons
    Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Total Results screen. Barking Up the Cherry Tree
    Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Results screen. Lupine and Divine
    Defeat all enemies at all three Devil Gate trial caves. Out of the Gate Swinging
    Defeat the Kusa 5. Who Let the Dogs Out?
    Beat Hayabusa's turnip-digging record. Dog Eat Dog
    Complete five digging mini games. Diggin' It
    Win the race against Ida and Hayate. Eat My Flower Trail
    Win the race against Kai. Dog Gone Fast
    Defeat the imps that possessed Princess Fuse. Imp Exorcist
    Defeat the Crimson Helm. One Mean Dude
    Defeat Orochi. Serpent Breath
    Defeat Blight. Dominate the Indomitable
    Meet Otohime. Dragonian Dilemma
    Defeat Evil Rao. Fox-Face
    Win the final race against Tobi. RIP Tobi
    Defeat Ninetails. Fox-Headed Wench
    Defeat True Orochi. True Serpent Breath
    Defeat the twin demons, Lechku and Nechku. Twin Birdbrains
    Board the Ark of Yamato Sayonara
    Defeat Yami. The Dark Lord
    Return Kamiki Village back to normal A Village for a Peach

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. End Game Unlockables

    Your final end-of-game evaluation on what you did during the game will determine what number of unlockables you get.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once Art Gallery
    Find all 100 Stray Beads Invincibility
    Beat the game Jukebox
    Complete the game once Kamic Returner
    Complete the game once Kamic Transfomer 1
    Complete the game once. Kamic Transfomer 2
    S-Rating for "Deaths" Kamic Transfomer 3
    S-Rating for "Enemies Defeated" Kamic Transfomer 4
    S-Rating for "Money Gained" Kamic Transfomer 5
    S-Rating for "Demon Fangs Found" Kamic Transfomer 6
    S-Rating for "Praise Earned" Kamic Transfomer 7
    S-Rating for "Praise Earned" Kamic Transfomer 8
    S-Rating for "Praise Earned" Kamic Transfomer 9
    Beat the Game one time New Game+
    More than 31 hours of play time Secret Theatre
    Complete the game once. Stray Bead

    Contributed by: MCDarkLink 

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