Rosalyn attack glitch?

#1 Posted by FalloutTheMaste (1 posts) -
Hello, I'm currently in the escapeless abyss after the evil king chairmen, and I noticed that it seems like all of a sudden Rosalyn's attacks are doing less than they should be. I say this because Ari/the main guy, does 40 damage on an enemy while Rosalyn, who has 54 atk, does only like 20. Before she either did the same or more, and so this is really annoying me. Is this something normal that can happen, or is it a glitch? If it is, is there anything I can do to fix it?
#2 Posted by NaruHinaLover (1 posts) -
Have you checked to see if your opponent has an electric element? Elements are important to watch b/c: Ice is more effective on Fire, Fire is more effective on Lightning, and Lightning is more effective on Ice.