Oil Rush Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Begin the education Fresh meat
    Controll all oil rigs for 5 min Oil tycoon
    Crush Raiders stealing oil Executioner
    Apply Accelerate Construction skill three times Workaholic
    Have 20 towers completely built Paranoid
    3 level towers on a platform Defence engineer
    Complete "Riot Raiders" chapter Law and Order
    5 nukes per game Nuke master
    5 min constant fight This is Sparta!
    Complete Arctic map on hard level Hard Arctic
    Pass 3 platforms to ally Good friend
    Unlock oil extraction x1.5 Drill baby,drill!
    unlock +3 limit Crowd lord
    make 100500 damage Agression
    win 10 network matches PWNED!
    play 5 hours non-stop Non-stop fun
    Complete the mission without launching Nukes Clean hands
    Complete the mission launching Nukes Fallout
    Complete single player campaign The last drop
    Destroy all Oil Barges Gulf of Mexico
    Capture all enemy platforms Che Guevara
    Apply Mine Field skill 5 times Demolition Man
    Apply Napalm skill 5 times Pyroman
    Guide all 12 Wooden Junks Moses
    Guide precisely a half of Wooden Junks Semiconductor
    Complete "Another Path" chapter Enlightened
    Win having one platform left Last Stand
    Sell 10 towers Cheater
    Steal 200 oil from Oil Storages Steal @ Kill
    Win when there's only 50 oil left in the region Drought
    Shoot down all pursuers Rambo
    Apply Radar skill 10 times All-seeing Eye
    Apply both Barricade and Propaganda in one game Viva La Revolution!
    Sell tower with less than 20% HP under fire Best seller
    Complete "Frozen Hell" chapter Icehead
    Capture Oil Rig 5 times with Seagulls Mine! Mine! Mine!
    Finish construction of all 3 platforms Foreman
    Capture all platforms of the enemy Best defense is a good offence
    Breach enemy defenses without capturing Oil Rig Frenzy
    20 mines blown Seasoned Kamikaze
    Avoid unnecessary violence Peace maker

    Contributed by: Guard Master