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What Gamespot Users have to say about Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

  • User Rating 5.4

    Great concept... Poor execution.

    Rated on May 23, 2007 by TechnologoDoom

    Ogre Battle One of the most enjoyable components of strategy/rpg play is the development of fascinating characters, deep storylines, and hands-on creation of and participation in a uniquie universe...

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  • User Rating 9.5

    An epic RPG strategy game with everything you need to have a good time for a long time; but can't save in a mission!

    Rated on October 09, 2004 by CraigH123

    This game is flat out awesome in my opinion. The only drawback is that it if you aren't a fan of either rpgs or strategy games you probably won't like this game. But if you are you will probably lov...

    8 out of 10 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 8.8

    An all time classic with gameplay that is still inspireing sequels and bringing gamers back over and over again today.

    Rated on August 18, 2006 by Rizer

    Ogre Battle is just on of those games that refuses to die. A classic that never gets old. Even though the serise is a bit underapperitiated as such in terms of sequels, Ogre Battle is the very descrip...

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  • User Rating 9.1

    Great Strategy Role-Playing Game!

    Rated on August 20, 2006 by magivzble

    Ogre Battle If you like RPG and strategy game, you will definitely like this awesome game. ----[ Gameplay ]---- You control your troops/ soldiers in the army to capture an area (Town, etc) and...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 9.1

    Amazingly Deep

    Rated on October 08, 2006 by metalisticpain

    Ok where to start... Graphics, since when you load the game im sure they will be off puting (they were for me). There is two areas to talk about here, the Battle Map and the Skirmish Screen. The Ba...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 9.7

    Wow i cant stop playing. 2nd time owner

    Rated on October 11, 2006 by dawukillah

    This game is amazing, and amazing pretty much sums it all up. You cant find a game out there like it. There are multiple endings and the game leaves choices up to you to chose your destiny, and your ...

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  • User Rating 8.5

    A tactical game with flair and style is sometimes hard to find, but Ogre battle does both quite well.

    Rated on August 28, 2007 by WinWalter

    Back in the days of the Super Nintendo, it was hard to find a lot of games that you could play for more than an hour that also had some cool graphics and animations. Ogre Battle fits into that plane ...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    A great game, but not as good as comparable Playstation titles of its time.

    Rated on April 15, 2010 by Feedbackdrmmr15

    Game Review-Playstation-Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen Review 221 Released: July 31, 1997 Publisher: Atlus Co. Developer: Artdink Game Genre: Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy ESRB Rati...

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  • User Rating 10

    Maybe best game ever

    Rated on November 07, 2007 by abcdefgabcdefgz

    This game has to be one of the most underrated games ever. It lead to the tactics ogre game even though this game is much much better. This game is so great theres not enough words to describe it. Thi...

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  • User Rating 8

    Ogre Battle starts slow but after a while you realize how amazing this Strategy/Role-Playing Hibryd is!

    Rated on August 27, 2010 by GunBladeHero

    The PS One days are long gone but that does not mean it doesn't have any great games that you can't enjoy even nowadays. Ogre Battle Ep. 5 : The March of The Black Queen is one of these classic games...

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