Hellishly fun. And there is no better enemy death animation than that of the goatmen.

It's an old game but it's still fun to play once in a while. While the graphics are nothing spectacular, the gameplay is extremely riveting. Killing a few of the lower level monsters are really satisfying and though it gets challenging to kill some higher level monsters, (especially as a mage), going through dungeons aren't that hard usually. The items in the game are the core of what makes this game fun. Multiple effects on items are randomly generated from dropped weapons and really good effects can easily be the difference from killing enemies to getting killed. Enemies are numerous through the dungeon but as long as you don't retreat into foreign grounds, you shouldn't have swarms coming from every direction. The storyline is also exciting and adds to the gameplay. As the story progresses you'll start to feel that something really ominous is going on. And let me tell you, the end boss doesn't let your hopes down.