Unbelievable immersive experience in a 'more realistic than normal FPS" war game for PC gamers. Graphics stunning.

Just Fantastic

graphics are great and if you enable ultra settings, better use a high end graphic cards for the advanced players like us who play on 30" full HD (2560x....). SLI Nvidia card 590 recommended but works perfectly with one only and reaches 40+ FPS.

Sound in 5.1 is Stunning ! but setting is a pain. make sure you use a real sound card that can decode the 5.1 sound. On board dolby digital sound card will not work. (read post on Bf3 forum called dolby digital 5.1)

Plot is ok, nothing fancy but it works.

Weaponry is great, feels like really shooting with a real weapon and not a plastic toy. Enemies IA is ok , your character movement is great, love the part where you jump over the fence...

Multiplayer is a GREAT kick as well, graphics as stunning.

only reason why I did not give 10 is because of the poor joystick support on multiplayer (for planes and helicopters) and the server kicked out issue (from time to time).

Origin works very well and the cloud syncing is a breathe.

Thumbs Up for the team and the best shooter for a looong time.