O.R.B. Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    Press ENTER to input these cheats:

    Code Effect
    $GET TECH All Tech Researched
    $COLLISIONS OFF Disable Asteroid Collisions
    $FOGOFWAR OFF Disable Fog of War
    $GOD OFF Disable God Mode for Selected Unit
    $COLLISIONS ON Enable Asteroid Collisions
    $FOGOFWAR ON Enable Fog of War
    $GOD ON Enables God Mode for Selected Unit
    $FPS OFF Hide Frame Rate
    $WEAKEN ENEMY Weaken Enemy Hulls to 1
    $FPS ON Show Frame Rate
    $WIN Win Current Mission
    $RU [number] Get indicated number of resources
    $SU [number] Get indicated number of support units
    $BUILD [number] Sets build speed to indicated number