One of the best horror games

The gameplay is a bit different but that's what makes the game real and unique. This game scared the hell out of me like no other game did and i proudly give a 10 out of 10 for it. There are changes compared to the first part, and imho this part is even more scary. The small part of RPG in it is now even bigger, but it's still a horror shooter more than a rpg. What is really unique about this game is the way you die - you can die in very many ways - from simple death to being eatten by a monster, starting with your legs.. you can't pass that part so they actually make you see it.
Anyway i've been waiting for the 2nd part since i finished the 1st and can now say i'm satisfied.
P.S. when i played the first part, the gameplay seemed bad to me too.. it takes about an hour to get used to it and another hour to fall in love with it :)