Where to buy?

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I downloaded the demo (thank you GameSpot), played the demo, and liked it! I like it becuase it is almost like it Van Helsin and Medal of Honor had a baby. My only question now is, where can I buy and/or download the game legitimatley. I don't want to download a torrent for two simple reasons; 1) torrents are for jerks that want to screw the economy and not pay a dime for something that's totally worth it 2) I don't want to download a torrent app and run the risk of getting some virus off of a torrent because some loser jerk has too much time on his/her hands. In short, if you know where to legitimatley buy/download the game, please say so. on FaceBook, Twitter, and Tumblr all of which tag is LegacyNesferatu

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I too would like to buy it...where?  Thanks!