With great combat and dull city navigation, this game inspires a love/hate relationship

User Rating: 7.5 | No More Heroes WII
This game is fun, but its a difficult one to recommend to most people. Its a very back and forth type of game. As in, some parts are really cool, some parts are totally lame. Fighting with your laser sword is really fun and NEVER gets old, even though it is pretty repetitive and gets a little close to being button-mashey. There is swearing and blood galore, the visual style is very stylized, and the story, while a bit sparse and not very deep so far, is mature and surprisingly interesting. Its quite possibly the most mature themed game on the Wii, which is great! I love all the little sound effects and the look of the menu screens because they remind you of the little beeps and bloops from the video games of the 80s. Also, everything has really awesome names. Your character's name is Travis Touchdown, the city is Santa Destroy, there's a place called Pizza Butt, and it just goes on from there.

On the down side, riding around the city on your funky motorcycle is extremely clunky and the little map is almost completely useless. The blockiness works fine for the menus but should not have been used for the map as well. These sequences are so bad that they're just no fun at all and you'll find yourself wanting to get from one place to another as quickly as possible just to get to another fighting sequence. Also, the stupid little jobs you have to take to make money in between the assassination and combat missions (coconut collecting, lawn mowing, etc) play almost as bad as the bike riding and are really boring.

No More Heroes is definitely a game that you should rent before you buy. To play this game is to repeatedly go back and forth between being really into in and being really not into it. If you are able to put up with the awful parts, you will have some wickedly mature fun with the sword fighting and watching the storyline.