Funny, Perverted, Eccentric, and Just Plain Awesome!

User Rating: 9 | No More Heroes WII
Ahhhh, No More Heroes. I Loved this Game From Start to finish. It just had that sort of Old-School Feel to it as well as a New-School flare to it. The Visuals were amazing, Though I do admit, Sometimes it had gotten a bit choppy. Now to those gamers who grew up in the 80's and 90's, this games going to bring back quite a bit of memories through the audio alone.

The game starts you off as Travis Touchdown, The Quirky Anime Watching, Comic Book Collecting, Porn Gazing "Hero" of the story. And if that weren't enough he also has a freaking lightsaber! Quite the otaku, but so badass at the same time. Now Travis probably wouldn't have done anything but watch anime and porn for the rest of his life until he met Sylvia who he went head over heals for and killed Helter Skelter who was the 11th ranked assassin making Travis the new 11th. Sylvia then convinces Travis to kill the other 10 assassins and make his way to number 1 and thus brings us to the game. You play in a freeroam environment in the city of Santa Destroy, California where you hack and slash at enemies, ride your motorcycle, and even do a few odd-jobs to make a bit of cash. Though a bit Short, I loved the fact of it being free roam which extended how long I would have normally played it.

All in all the game was great. Aside from a few of the small kinks in the game such as a bit of lag, or the fact that sometimes you have to do the mini games quite a FEW times to get enough money to move on within the game which can get to be quite annoying, the total game itself is quite enjoyable.