Description plus where you can find it a bit cheaper.

Its an Awesome game, best part was when I bought it the other day I checked it out at E.B Games for price and it was on sale for $110 but then checked it out at Jb-Hi-Fi and it was ($79) =D Boo-yeah!,

Anyways noticed some minor glitches here and there such as freeze framing and the odd character appearing or popping up here and there? Other then that
10/10 for scenery,
10/10 sound quality,
10/10 Graphics,
8/10 Inventory,

The reason for Inventory was it was different but not separated as well as T.E.S Oblivion plus not as much detail, but I really enjoyed the new interface for upgrading your attributes having the stars in the sky as representing one hand weapons, heavy armor, Destruction Ect...

Anyways im sure other people will think differently,
I recommend (The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim) regardless.