Hot Shots is Hot!

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is the PS3 debut of the venerable Hot Shots Golf franchise. Hot Shots has long been known as a fun arcade golf game with cartoony visuals and kooky characters that you can customize both in clothing and golf gear. While it's more of the same, a new shot mechanic, improved visuals, an online mode, and more clubs and golf balls make this Hot Shots stand out. Hot shots looks very good with realistic environments and good character models that animate smoothly. The new advanced shot system takes time to get used to, but it's worth it because it's both more immersive and can hit the ball further. There is also a significantly larger selection of golf gear to choose from to suit your game. The new online is very robust and cool due to a lobby in which your customizable avatar can run around and talk to people as well as join tournaments or create one. Unfortunately one very useful feature has been removed from Out of Bounds: being able to save a match and continue it later. This featured allowed you to start a match, if you had to go somewhere and you weren't done you could just finish later. Now you have to give-up and try again when you have time. There are also less characters, but, the characters they do give you are still funny. Overall, if your looking for a fun game to play with friends at home or online Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is just what you need.