No More Heroes is one of the best action games ever made! Shortcomings and all.

User Rating: 9 | No More Heroes WII
No More Heroes is one of those rare games which although has some major shortcomings you (or at least I can) over look these flaws in favor of the greater picture, the games completely awesome combat system. As the game begins immediately your thrown into battle against some thugs and its here you will realize just how great the combat in this game is. Note its not like DMC or NG where you rack up giant combos and within about 5 seconds you have 4 or 5 hits on an enemy, all while fighting in the air. NMH on the other hand is a much lower paced game but, that doesn't mean it's not as much fun though. But what really makes this game great is not the fountains of blood that comes from killing your enemies (I have the Euro version so there isn't any blood for me) it's the depth to the fighting. Sure you run up to an enemy and smash the A button until you perform a finishing blow by slashing the Wii mote, which might I add is awesome and never gets old, and I have played the game though from start to finish 3 times and still love doing them. Its much more because, you can do this in either a high or low status, note some enemies can block your high attack or low attack you then have to attack them with the other height stance instead, plus the countless wrestling moves, kicks and punches and special attacks (which are all randomly generated) make the game's overall combat always seem fresh and seldom repetitive. Which is surprising since the game is about 80% slicing and dicing people.

The other parts of the game though that don't fair as well as the combat, these mini games, or jobs as the game calls them (not the side missions [assassination missions] though which are actually quite fun, even if very short) are only ok. The reason they are only ok is because what's fun about mowing lawns and washing graffiti off walls like 20 times in a row just to get enough cash to face the next assassin? Another compliant I have is that when you do these assassination missions and jobs you have to go to either the jobs building or the assassin's headquarters building. Sound easy and fair enough? Yeah but, in reality though its not because after choosing one of these missions/jobs you then have to drive to where they are located, which takes sometimes minutes to get there and then after completing it or failing it. In order for you to be able to do it again you have to return to the place you where at before and reapply for the same job/mission again and then repeat again and again and again. And trust me this gets really annoying. This is because of the stupidly big open world which barely deserves the free roaming aspect and really is just a hub as it has basically nothing to do in it or anywhere to go except for like 8 places.

My final issue with the game is that all the assassination missions (ranked battles) before the last one are great and all offer some great gameplay and sometimes retro awesomeness, rank 4 were all looking at you. But rank 1 on the other hand to me just felt too weird, even for this game and the entire level is pretty bland and disappointing, even the boss fight and final assassination just wasn't as good as the other ones in the game before this. This was mainly because it felt rushed, plus you couldn't use wrestling moves on the boss which ruined some of the fun as it all came down to just dodging and slashing. Imo it was just too random and fake (play and know what I mean) and kind of ruined the end of a wonderful game. [spoiler] But if you see the real ending and fight the real boss that makes up for it as it like the game before it is just pure awesomeness [/spoiler].

Apart from these issues as long as you are expecting NMH to look like a early to mid GC game, just with lots and lots of style (which makes the game look a lot better than it should thanks to some brilliant shadow work) you should be fine. Also note that it has some serious and I mean serious pop in, although this is only in the open world. NMH framerate also isn't all that good either, because sometimes when you kill say 3-4 people in one shot it will drop a fare bit for like 2-3 seconds, but apart from that I don't think there's anything else wrong with NMH's presentation. NMH has one bright side though as it offers something most actions games don't offer a good story and NMH while not epic tale, it still has a funny and entertaining story with some great writing, voice acting and great sense of humor. It's original enough and makes the game so much more enjoyable and kind of makes you forget the games issues as you wonder what's going to happen next. The games soundtrack has a retro fell to it with all the 8 bit beeps and bops in a hip hop style soundtrack which I really did enjoy and while its not exactly soundtrack of the year stuff its still great was still very memorable for all the right reasons.
The games also benefits from having a great wii control scheme that uses the wii mote well and actually makes the game better than if it was if done on a standard game pad, which is always nice to know considering where not getting any next gen visuals here.

The difficulty in this game is fairly low, even on the hardest mode, bitter. Although this mode isn't available to begin with as only sweet (the easiest) and mild (medium difficulty) are there to begin with. This is kind of disappointing as only the final 2 bosses [spoiler] (final 3 if you play the real ending) [spoiler] are remotely challenging, and that's on your first try, because, once you have beaten them you now know their moves and tactics so when you get a chance play them again in bitter mode they will probably be easier than last time, even if you played though it on sweet mode first. For some people this isn't a problem and it doesn't ruin the game in anyway really, but it could have a bit harder, just like LOZ:TP and SMG could have as well.

Overall buy NMH because, Suda 51 needs your help to make more great games like this and if you remotely like action games and a good completely stupid story with a few good laughs along the way then you should definitely pick up a copy of NMH. Even you are just looking for a good wii game in general or just a good mature game wii pick up NMH because you will have a blast with it. Plus its good replay valve means you can play though this game so many times it's not funny and still enjoy every last minute of it. Which is good to know since the Single Player mode only takes about 10 or so hours to complete on your first play though and since there's no multiplayer to think off thank god it has some great replay valve. So yeah you there reading this review if haven't brought NMH yet go out and buy it now, and if already brought it buy it again for Suda, I know I have *looks at a pile of 23 copies of NMH* .