Can style and vision overcome substence? For once, the answer is a firm yes.

User Rating: 8.5 | No More Heroes WII
Ah, No More Heros, a game doomed to obsscurity as are all things this unique. But does that make it bad? No. NMH is one of the BEST games I have played in forever, and it is far from perfect. The storyline is just base simple at first, you want to be the number one assasin in the world after winning a beam katana on an online auction, and why do you want to become to the number assasin? Why, to get laid of course.

Now, really there is more to it, but believe me, it gets WEIRD, but it's a grand game.

Gamplay- 8.5/10 The gameplay is great, some of the best on the Wii. Instead of making you wave the Wii-mote like an idiot, you only swing it for finishers. Normal attacks are done with the A button, and pointing it up or down. The various Darkside mode effects (determined by slots after finishers) and the ability to charge up attacks. Now, outside of combat is a diffirent story. You either walk everywhere or ride on your motorcycle, the Schepal Tiger. And It is not good. You will crash and fall off alot. And the pointless jump. But meh. You can the ability to run later, but I believe you should have had this from the outset. Then you have the minigame controls, I actually like these controls, as well as the minigames, for they did not bother me in the least. I also found all but the second boss fight fun and unique.
At first I thought gaining money would be trickey, but some missions pay out so much its no big deal. There are collectibles in the way of T-shirts, and in the second playthrough you can find cards buried in certin spots.

Graphics- 8/10 I will allow style to trump the graphical defects in the game. it is pretty, but not the best. The colors in game are very crisp and viscreal, and in the US at least, a lot of nice red blood. The detail is there where it counts, and it has quite a unique look at the world. Not quite western, not quite eastern. And wrestling masks everywhere. most of the bosses have a unique design and I thought the animation was great!

Sound- 7/10 *sigh* IMO the weak point of the game. While the dialouge is steller, the music is repetitive, theres not enough tracks, and enemies repeat the same line to often. Standered sword whooses, and drowned out motorcycle sounds.

Hold- 9.5/10 The game was a decent length, 12 hours for me, and you have unlockables in the second playthrough which I am currently going through at a higher difficulty, as well as the "real" ending.

All in all a great package with excellent action and a great sense of humor. One of the most fun and unique games I have played in a long while, and it brought me to try out Killer 7. Not bad for game whose main charcter is based off Johnny Knoxville.

Total- 8.5/10