For people buying the European Version A potentially excellent game absolutely destroyed by censorship.

User Rating: 1 | No More Heroes WII
This is a game that i really wanted to play after seeing the video review on Gamespot. However living in the UK I was unaware of the fact that a different game was being shipped to our country than the one on show in the review.

This game is all about style and a lot of that is about the anime style blood flow that occurred when you kill an enemy. This to my absolute horror!! has been taken out of the game. So what in essence was a game made for a more adult audience has being diluted into a bland and dull experience.

The Graphics are very sketchy and dull, had the blood been there to contrast it, then it would not have been noticeable. Now however, blood is replaced by black smoke and it just doesn't go with the theme of the game.

With no blood combat is lack lustre and ultimately pointless. Lets face it if you're buying a game that about killing for no particular reason then you're gonna want to see them bleed!!

While it could have been a good game if left in its original format it has been butchered by censorship, and the fact they don't even let the buyer know they've done this is contemptible.

For that reason i am giving it 1/10 - note for the European version only mainly because they're are cheating us by giving us a different game than what is advertised!!