One of the most fun and interesting games you will find on any console.

User Rating: 9 | No More Heroes WII
This game really surprised me. Not that it was easy on the eyes, not that it was smooth and fun to play, not even that the story was interesting and compelling.

What surprised me is the level of mature content and the sheer amount of laughs that is had from this game. On top of sounding, looking, and playing FANTASTIC, the story can be down right hilarious and filled with passive jokes about sex.

That might not sound all that compelling huh? Well consider this:

The graphics are cartoony, but with an anime twist to them. The motions of everyone and thing are quite smooth and enjoyable to look at. The world is very vivid and enjoyable to look at.

Framerate is pretty solid most the time, which is nice because the over the top killing you do really gets the blood flowing...literally. Think Kill Bill - thats how over the top killing someone is. All the movements and wii mote controlls are solid and spot on too - which surprised me after playing that terrible Ninja Breadman game.

Sounds are great, the sound track is very solid and fits really well with the whole theme of the game, and to top it off it has an interesting story filled with sex, money, and drugs....well mostly just sex and money.

This is not a serious ninja karate man game, this game was created for you to sit back and enjoy its light hearted comedy and its fantastic controlls. If you can't stand sexual humor or excessive gore, this game is not for you. But if you can't stand sexual humor and excessive gore then I guess the only games you really play are Mario and Zelda eh?

All around, this game is solid. The fact that you "masterbate" to recharge your power sword in itself is enough to atleast try this game. If you don't laugh, you need to call 411 and find yourself a sense of humor.