Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends Cheats For DS

  1. Easy way to prevent yourself from passing un-marked ?-Boxes on walks

    Sometimes when you're on a walk, you'll notice a present go across the screen at seemingly random times, and there's a chance you won't get it because you weren't paying attention. To prevent this, simply watch the map on the upper screen.

    Whenever your dog stops moving on the map, it will either stop to go to the bathroom, or sniff at a spot it previously went to the bathroom at. However, sometimes the dog will not stop on the lower screen, which means that something that isn't marked on the map is about to appear. It will either be some garbage, or an unmarked ?-Box is about to appear.

    Basically, if the dog stops moving on the map, but is still moving on the touch-screen, get ready to tug at the dog's leash so that you can pick it up.

    Contributed by: ss5joshua 

  2. Eat A Lightbulb

    When your dog performs a trick in the game a lightbulb will appear. Click and drag this lightbulb to your dog and he will eat it. You can also eat bones that appear above your dog as well.

    Contributed by: verschwinde03 

  3. Unlockable Dogs (Japanese Version)

    Code Effect
    While on a walk, your dog may come across an Item called the Jack Russel Book. If you visit the kennel, you can now buy the single Jack Russel Terrier Jack Russel Terrier
    Collect 2000 Owner Points Beagle
    Collect 4000 Owner Points Toy Poodle
    Collect 8000 Owner Points Shih-Tzu
    Collect 10000 Owner Points Welsh Corgi
    Collect 14000 Owner Points Cavalier king Charles Spaniel
    Collect 17000 Owner Points Shetland Sheepdog

    Contributed by: Jared Sol 

  4. Unlockable Dogs (US Version)

    Code Effect
    Collect 2000 Trainer Points Yorkie
    While you walk the dog, your puppy may find a rare present with a "Firemans Hat" inside. Visit the kennel, you can now buy a Dalmatian. Dalmatian
    While you walk the dog, your puppy may find a rare present with a "Jack Russel Book" inside. Visit the kennel, you can now buy a Jack Russel Terrier. Jack Russel Terrier
    Collect 4000 Trainer Points Shiba Inu
    Collect 8000 Trainer Points Cavalier K.C. Spaniel
    Collect 10,000 Trainer Points Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    Collect 14,000 Trainer Points Shetland Sheepdog
    Collect 16,000 Trainer Points Miniature Schnauzer
    Collect 20,000 Trainer Points Boxer
    Collect 22,000 Trainer Points Toy Poodle
    35,000 Trainer Points Miniture Pinscher
    50,000 Trainer Points Lab. Retrieiver
    45,000 Trainer Points Chihuhua
    30,000 Trainer points German Shepherd

    Contributed by: ps2girl 

  5. Unlockable Rooms (US Version)

    Code Effect
    Collect 6000 Trainer Points Desktop
    Collect 12,000 Trainer Points Seaside
    Collect 18,000 Trainer Points Outer Space
    Collect 25,000 Trainer Points Northern European
    get 40,000 trainer points Urban Living

    Contributed by: SSJTrunkski 

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