Dbz UT is a good game but it doesnt bring the complete Dbz experience.

i preordered this game one month ago but sadly the wait wasnt worth it. at first i'm like woah the graphics are so sick and the gameplay stops spammers. but then dbz struck me, HARD! the gameplay was too easy, they say its about luck but its just brain work if you think about it. boss battles are fun but are too difficult when you have to repeatedly press one button several times. not only that the game play gets repetitive and annoying

i've been a dbz fan since i was little, and i still am! though this game just felt like it was missing something, in almost all areas. dbz has many characters but in this game it only has about 50. some of the characters are useless, like saibamen and cell jr.

the character creation is limited and if your not that good at the game, hero mode could be very frustrating. that is because you have really less health and the computer does insane damage. on the other hand if your too good hero mode will be quickly over (because it only has 5 levels).

story mode also feels incomplete because they skip many parts. the parts you skip you read. and for the people who skip the reading and are new to the series, story mode would be pretty random for them. they also only have one battle from GT, omega shenron v.s ss4 gogeta.

overall dbz UT, a fun and really enjoyable game disappointing do dbz fans everywhere.