For those who say "It's too hard!"

User Rating: 8.5 | Ninja Gaiden II X360
Yes the original was quite hard but not too hard if you gave it at least a few hours of your time. By the time Sigma came out it seemed just right.

Now this true sequel has come out, if anything it's toned down and easier than the original. I cannot work out where people are coming from with saying it's hard.

It's great. If you want to chill out and have a decent challenge then get this. Graphics are great, physics are good, plenty of weapons to keep you happy. Not only that, you can chop heads and limbs off which is very satisfying.

I'm only giving it 8.5 as it isn't a huge jump from the original in terms of gameplay. On the flip-side though, the first was very good.

If you do see a review scoring about 5 or less you can guarantee they'll be moaning how hard it is, (it's not).