super! still one of the best games in my collection

User Rating: 10 | Ninja Gaiden Black XBOX
This is still 1 of the best games in my collection. almost everything is right about this game. I also have the first ninja gaiden and I don't own a creditcard to pay for the xbox live on the xbox. I thought the first ninja gaiden was superb, but this game with the two hurricanepacks inside allready..BLEW ME AWAY. It's just so cool that my favourite character from DOA has his own game. I own it for 1 jear now i think and it's still fun to complete the game over and over and over again. every time you'll get better and better dodging enemy's and linking combo's together. I also like the feature with the difficulties from ninja dog till master ninja. And when you finally complete the game on master ninja,... YOU FEEL LIKE A MASTER NINJA!!!