Make sure you read my review and contemplate before you empty your pockets for this game

User Rating: 4 | Ninja Gaiden 3 PS3
I regret pre-ordering Ninja Gaiden 3. I thought that it would be better than the previous NG games. Turns out I was dead wrong. The developers left out a lot of elements that attributed to the "Ninja gaiden experience". For example, there is no 'essence' system. Essence was present in the previous games, and it allowed you to purchase items from Muramasa's shop. It was also rewarded to you after how brutally and beautifully you kill your enemies, which made your efforts of doing complex moves rewarding. Overall, Ninja Gaiden 3 was dumbed down to a senseless hack 'n slash game that does not feel rewarding. You simply exit one battle just to land into another.

The combat in this game is quite entertaining at times, especially when you accidentally initiate a cool,brutal move. It can also get really tough sometimes. However, you wont be able to dismember/decapitate enemies like you could in NG 2

One of the boss fights will really make you pissed off at how hard he is, and the fact that you will die many times after nearly finishing him off. Other bosses are recycled, which doesn't give this game much variety.

Pros: Fun combat. God-of-War style button sequences

Cons: Recycled bosses. No essence+ No Muramasa's shop. You only use a Ninjato/ katana as a melee weapon/not able to change weapons.