A Nintendo published game

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I was under the impression that this game was published by Nintendo.  Now it will be on Xbox 360 and PS3.  How does that work?  At the very least, didn't Nintendo play a part in saving this game.  This has to  be damaging to that partnership. 

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I have no idea how this works but its happening with alot of WiiU's "Exclusives" now just waiting on confirmation that Bayonetta 2 will follow the same fate :)

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platinum games themselves said it wasn't happening. also, NG3: RE is getting ported b/c tecmo published the japanese version.

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I digress but the only reason Bayonetta 2 is happening is because Nintendo said they would fund it. I don't think any other company wanted to go with the idea. I was quite disappointed cause I loved Bayonetta. I'd still be on it (and her nyuk nyuk) if I had my xbox set up. I normally just play ps3 now because I got sick of the online fees.