Ok, Will Do!!

Unlike CNC RA2 this game is in 3D (not a bad thing), and not 2d therefore the buildings, terrain and troops lake Detail. I perfered the previous art Direction. But Still it is on par with Recent CNC games.

The Movies look Really Great, Good picture quality and Sound is great. The Women are even more beautiful (Cheers), but so far the over all story line is not that great. The Characters are not as over the top in terms of being funnny like RA2, and to be honest I miss the The old Tanya from part 2 (she was HOT!!).

Game play gets some getting used to, but well implemented. I dont particulary like the fact that most Maps are Water Based. I need more Ground. Some of the Vehicles are terrific, and that small video clip that shows you what each unit can do it a PLUS (nice Job on that EA). I haven't tried Co-Op Yet but will sonner or later... a nice feature to add (again nice job EA).

One more new feature that is cool is that extra Special Attact that is accoumulated after a certain amount of time/score it a good idea. Being able to play as 1 of the 3 factions is great. I have to say that This Game feel like Team Fortress 2 (cartoon style) in that EA is making material for all ages (ya I know its war, but it could of been bloodier) and has taken this series in that type of direction. I take it that the inclusion of the Japanese is also a Marketing ploy to sell more units in Japan (hey not a bad idea should work).

Here is a Crazy Idea... EA Do a Smash Bros type of Game with Multiple Units from both the CNC universe and CNC RA universe, add the option for RTSs/FPS and you make a Bunch of MONEY$!$$$$$!!!