Nike+ Kinect Training Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Choose to do another round during a Strength or Weight Training session Extra Round
    Complete a Quick Start training session Jump In
    Complete the assessment Personalized Just for You
    Complete your first workout session On Your Way
    Earn 500 NikeFuel in a single session Break a Sweat
    Get your first Fuel Print Dial It In
    Stay on tempo for the entire duration of a Strength or Weight Training drill Metronome
    Complete 6 Quick Start training sessions Six Pack
    Complete a session 5 days in a row Five Days of Fitness
    Get perfect form on every rep of a drill Perfection
    Improve your Fuel Print The Numbers Don't Lie
    Complete 12 Quick Start training sessions Break a Dozen
    Complete a program without missing a scheduled session Perfect Attendance
    Complete a 60 minute Quick Start session Power Train
    Complete your first program 1 Month Club
    Complete three programs 3 Month Club
    Complete two programs 2 Month Club
    Link or create a Nike+ account Join the Community
    Earn 2500 NikeFuel in Nike+ Kinect Training 2.5K NikeFuel
    Earn 5000 NikeFuel in Nike+ Kinect Training 5K NikeFuel
    Earn 10000 NikeFuel in Nike+ Kinect Training 10K NikeFuel
    Clear 2 hurdles with one jump during a Hurdles Matrix drill or Hardcore Hurdles challenge Look Before You Leap
    Dodge 2 consecutive walls in Split Decision without moving Strike a Pose
    Finish a Split Decision or Dodgeball drill or challenge without getting hit In the Zone
    Hit 4 soccer balls in Dodgeball Just for Kicks
    Rewatch the tutorial for a drill Say What?
    Do 10 or more perfect reps in a Push Up Power challenge Push It
    Opt in for a challenge at the end of a program Strength or Weight Training session A New Challenger Appears
    Do 120 or more reps in a High Knee Sprint challenge High Stepper
    Survive for 20 seconds in sudden death in a Dodgeball challenge Artful Dodger
    Survive for 20 seconds in sudden death in a Split Decision challenge Hide in Plain Sight
    Survive for 20 seconds in sudden death in a Hardcore Hurdles challenge Massive Hops
    Score 300 or more in a Leg Matrix challenge Leg It Out
    Beat a friend's challenge score U Mad?
    Cheer a friend Cheer Leader
    Invite a friend to beat your challenge score Serve Notice
    Post to Facebook to let friends know you're starting a workout or challenge Show and Tell
    Beat a Personal Best in any drill or challenge (excluding Fitness Challenge) Beat Your Best
    Participate in 10 challenge drills Decathlete
    Burned 3000 calories Burger Burn
    Burned 9000 calories Pizza Party
    Choose to do an extra round during 5 Strength or Weight Training sessions Workout Warrior
    Participate in a challenge Check My Stats
    Participate in 5 drills in Take on the World Drill Sergeant
    Complete 5 Workouts with a Friend Workout Buddies

    Contributed by: Guard Master