Nidhogg Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Get eaten by the nidhogg after nearly allowing your opponent to do the same COMEBACK KID
    play a match lasting longer than 20 minutes TRAPPED IN DONKEYSPACE
    100 total kills in one match BLOODLUST
    Dominate every level in one singleplayer game HOGGLIKE
    Win the faceoff and never lose the arrow in a singleplayer match PERFECT STRIDE
    Beat the singleplayer game FLESH AND BLOOD
    Intelligence gathered NSA
    Run across your final screen in the castle with your sword cocked the whole time PROMETHEUS
    Trap your opponent on your sword for a long time while moving it up and down MEMORIES
    Let the timer run out in your opponent's last screen and win in sudden death SLOW PLAYED
    Finish an 8 player tournament GTD
    Win 100 games through matchmaking VALKYRIE