Game will keep you going for hours trying to get that perfect deck of cards to crush your opponents with

The thing I love about this game is the deck of cards system. Each civilization has their own unique set of cards you can acquire. Each card played triggers some sort of bonus for your civilization, be it more troops, faster harvesting, or my favorite, more villagers. Every game you win points towards new cards. So you when the cards about 1 mission at a time.

The game is a polished version of it's predecessors beyond that. There is a lot more artillery and ways to really steamroll your opponent in the late game. Early on, you'll find yourself making a lot of a unit that is available to you early, just to have some sort of fighting group. If you can harass some of your opponents when you're in the 2nd age and they are in the first or second, you can really make the rest of the game a piece of cake in single player.

The campaigns are very interesting. They keep you wanting to play the next one when you are done. There was no really, really hard mission at the end of it. They introduce you to the game very well.

The computer says funny things throughout the missions. They sometimes put up a tough fight if you haven't bothered any of your opponents early on.