Nicktoons Unite! Cheats For PS2

  1. Cross-save unlockables

    Have the following game saves on your memory card to unlock these.

    Code Effect
    Alternate character skins Spongebob Squarepants: Light, Camera, Pants!

    Contributed by: Pikawil100 

  2. Nickelodeon Cross-Save

    With each of your Nickelodeon games supporting Cross Save, (i.e. Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Cameras, Pants!) on your Memory Card you get special bonuses.

    Code Effect
    Have one other Nickelodeon Cross-save file Character Skins
    Have two other Nickelodeon Cross-save files Concept Art Gallery
    Have three other Nickelodeon Cross-save files Cheats Menu

    Contributed by: ChickenBot 

Nicktoons Unite! Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Level Passwords

    Enter these passwords at "Continue" to access the following levels:

    Code Effect
    JAZMINE Level 2 : Fenton Lab
    PAULINA Level 3 : Vlad's Chateau
    SKULKER Level 4 : Bikini Bottom
    PATRICK Level 5 : Chum Bucket
    MERMAID Level 6 : Plankton
    SCALLOP Level 7 : Timmy's Home
    BABYSIT Level 8 : Dimmsdale Dump
    GODDARD Level 9 : Crocker's Locker Room
    ESTEVEZ Level 10 : Jimmy's Lab
    LIBERTY Level 11 : Subterranean Caves
    SKYLARK Level 12 : Prof Calamitous' Lab

    Contributed by: ZhangKhaiEn