Ni No Kuni, a very beautiful game with a very creative story and caracters. A gem in the COD generation

User Rating: 10 | Ninokuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou PS3
A JRPG like no others. Finaly a great game that didn't rape us with DLC or other way to remove 50% of the game.

Graphics : It is beautiful and they really are good with that style because they do the Naruto games with the same graphics and they also made Eternal Sonata.

Gameplay : the combat system reminded me of Eternal Sonata with the bloking command and attack command and the little caracters "familliars" are kind of little Pokémon.

I only played like 3h now and the story is really intreguing and unique, like most Studio Ghigli movie like Ponyo ( a japanease take on Little Mermaid ). All the caracters are really lovely.

In the English version they really do have sometime wierd accent compared to the Japanease version. Like Oliver's mom has a kind of British accent like Oliver speak a more internationnal english.

If you like Japanease creativity and uniqueness and also and action JRPG ... you will love this for sure.

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