The best familiars

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Ok i'm sorry if this thread has been done 375 times, but i'm post game and I want to have the best team I can possibly have because i'm just like that.

I have Destroceros, Dragamuffin, Scrapdragon, Stressy Plessie, and currently evolving Lumberwood, Bone Brigadier, Captain Whamtastic, Seed Sprite and Angelix. Some of them are TOTAL AWESOMENESS but some are kinda dissapointing me.

So i'd like you more experienced players to give me your opinion on which familiars are the best. If you can please give me a few picks on best melee, best healers and best mages.

Thank you for your time.

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I can't really help you as far as best mages and such, but i can help you narrow the field and let you pick the best from the list i've compiled. I've been looking over the familiars. There are just so many so i decided to narrow the parameters. I generally excluded anything w/ a built-in elemental weakness (i know they can be somewhat compensated for, but not entirely). Since i'm looking at end-game familars mostly, i excluded any familiar w/ Psyche Up as a power. Those two exclusions alone will narrow things down alot. Some are still worth considering if their stats have one obvious advantage, like the Burly has a ATT in the upper 300's. Another example, the Tu-Whit has Psyche-Up but it has mulitple resists against spells. I haven't come up w/ a go-to list since i'm only about halfway thru the game.

I haven't looked over any of the excluded ones to see if they have any spells/tricks that i can't get from another familiar. I also didn't take into account any vulnerabilities (Confusion, etc).

From a general end-game standpoint (Solosseum and such excluded since those will require some obvious lineup tweaks to defeat the waves), 22 or so different familiars w/ no elemenal weaknesses. Of those 22, 13 have a resist. The Hooray (Grimray only), Sparkee (good stats all around, elemental spells, and 2 resists), the Dinkey (Master Key only), Spittoo (Lickety Spittoo only), both Monoliths, Sprog Cog (Supercogductor only), both Airheads, Naja (Najapatra only), both Hullaballoons, both Auroralynx, both Relixx, both Eggrolls, and both Sapdragons. Of the 13, only 2 have high ATT tho. Don't discount the other 9 familiars just because they don't have resists. Some of them are pretty good, like the Tundragorer. 4 stats in the 300s and no vulnerabilities. Pretty sure i got all this right but others can recheck of course. Hope this helps, Good luck.