reason this can't be on the PC or the 360?

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I am really sick of exclusive titles, finally a good JRPG and its only one system.. COME ON now.  

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Agreed. I do own a PS3 + 360 this generation but next gen I don't plan on buying both. Who knows though....maybe it'll be ported over to the 360 later this year.
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If there weren't exclusive titles, there wouldn't be a reason to buy both systems, so of course they will continue to make deals to make exclusive games. Can you imagine if Mario came to the PS3? Nintendo would quickly die.
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I am really sick of exclusive titles, finally a good JRPG and its only one system.. COME ON now.  

Xenoblade was Nintendo only right? That's supposed to be an all-time classic JRPG (never played it personally).
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:( a shame because its frickn epic...just borrow a wii from a friend and get wont regret it.

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At least with the PS3 you get tons of exclusive titles since Sony owns so many studios. There are enough exclusive titles at this point to justify buying the system in my opinion.
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Level 5 does not publish games on any non-Japanese system. Not only that, but the PC and the 360 are not popular enough in Japan to even make a port worth it. If they were to port it, then it would take over a year or so, and by then, the newer systems would be out. I think there is a very small chance of Ni no Kuni being released on the Wii U, but there is absolutely no chance of it being on PC or 360.

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I hope there's more exclusives on PS4 :D

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This game would look beautiful on PC with 1080p.

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From what I have seen so far from Level5, i believe they only support JPN gaming systems.
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Because Japan rpg game sell better on ps3. With no promotion this game sell well. Look Dark Soul, sells so much more on ps3 than pc/360 combine. 360 gamer do not like reading also.
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There is a game with the title on 3DS