Hard entry point for non-rpg fan?

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I'm really curious to pick up this game for obvious reasons...the art style, music and story all look fantastic.

The only problem is that I've NEVER played an rpg before. Whenever I've dabbled in demos, etc...I tend to get a glazed look in my eyes and I give up bfore I start enjoying them. 

Is this a hard game to get into if I'm not familiar with typical rpg gameplay? Or, will the learning come easy after a couple of hours?

What about difficulty levels - is there an easy mode?

Thanks for any input you guys have!

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I'm not a fan of JRPG's but this game has me hooked

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I have been a hard core RPG fan for many years and honestly I feel like this is the most universal entry in to the genre that I have played (next to a lot of the very linear releases we have seen over the period of this gen that is).In other words, yes, I would pick it up, because chances are that the visuals are going to suck you in from the prolouge. The battle system has a fairly speedy learning curve and you will have plenty to do from the beginning. So, you shouldn't have a problem getting involved with this RPG.

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Yes the game does a really good job of explaining all the fine details so it shouldn't be difficult to pick up and there is an easy mode and normal mode. This is one of the best rpg's I have played in a very long time
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thanks guys.....can't wait to pick this one up.