Do not download this game from PSN

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I bought this game 2 days ago for 60 euro on PSN.


First of all it's split into two files, but they don't say this to you at all. So I downloaded the 16gb file, first time after it took seven hours to DL I got an error message during the instalation. I looked this up and it seems to be a pretty common problem where the only tip is to download it again. So I did. Spent another seven hours downloading it. Got the same problem. Downloaded again. This time it worked.

Next I'm left wondering why this 16gb game isn't appearing in on the XMB. Turns out there's antoher 6 GB game I have to download. Great, at least it's only 6 GB, should be done in no time. Nope. For some reason this 6gb file is taking longer than the 16 GB file. At 80% suddenly an error message appears and I have to start over. Now I'm again downloading the 6 GB file knowing full well something else will go wrong with it.

Again I look this up and this seems to be a pretty common problem with this particular game. I haven't even mentioned the other problems, like it's supposedly a 16 to 2gb game yet it won't let me download it till I cleared 40GB of space. The 6 GB game doesn't even appear in the shop or cart so they don't even advertise that you need this. I had to route through my previous purchases after someone online told me what to do.

Downloading it is total nuisance. I've wasted too much time on it. I recommend if you want to buy it get it from the actual store. Sony have set this up horribly, and I'm not even mentioning the problems with the supposed pre-order which didn't work tilla week afterrelease. I don't think digital shops are really ready to sell games of this size.

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Can anyone else confirm this? I've never had problems downloading games before... I read in the description that the 40GB of space required is for the save game file
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I had no issues... downloaded them in around 5 hours then installed both parts to the hard drive. Make sure you have twice the amount of space free as you need the space temporaraliy to install it. After both files are installed run the game... its not that hard really.

I had to free up space was my only issue as i have a smaller drive in mine.

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Sony's servers are really crappy. Just buy it in retail and save time and money.

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It's because Sony doesn't care. All they want is your money. Sony's servers are terrible. just buy the physical retail version. You can sell it after you beat the game. The game is excellent. The combat can be a bit confusing though. I don't do DD unless it's a small game. I did download Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, but it was only $5 and the file was like 2GB.
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This is part of the reason why I prefer physical copies.

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This is part of the reason why I prefer physical copies.



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Having physical copies is the best route for all to take. I dread the day, if it ever happens, we all rely on buying/downloading games from the internet. Having no physical copies is a bad idea. W/ downloading errors, systems crashing, etc... Why risk it? If you have a hard copy, you always have the game. If you don't have a hard copy and you're system crashes, you either lose everything or have to go through some time, possibly money, wasting process of getting your games back. I'll always be against to complete interent gaming.

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for what its worth, I'm not having any trouble downloading this game right now.  I was curious why this was split into two downloads, and spent a few minutes researching this issue and stumbled here - now when i look back at the download screen its already at 21%.  It seems to be moving quite fast now.