NHL Rivals 2004 Cheats For Xbox

  1. Unlock Codes

    Code Effect
    HOWITZER Unlocks Big Shot Mode
    HEAVYPUCK Unlocks Increase Gravity Mode
    INVISIBLEMAN Unlocks Invisible Players
    Blibbet Unlocks Microsoft Team
    EVENSTEVEN All Balanced players
    TINYTYKES Small Players
    BIGDUDES Big Players
    CAFFEINE Unlimited Speed Burst
    CUJOWEST NHL Rivals West All-Stars
    CUJOEAST NHL Rivals East All-Stars
    AIRHOCKEY Zero Ice Friction
    XSNSPORTSWEST Unlocks the XSN Sports West All-Stars.
    XSNSPORTSEAST Unlocks the XSN Sports East All-Stars.
    DEADBOARDS There are now no-bounce dasherboards.
    SHOOTOUT Now there are all Snipers.
    BRUISERS Now there are all Enforcers.
    PESTFEST Now there are all Agitators.
    THESTREAK The shot trails are now heavy.
    ICEHOCKEY No friction on the ice

    Contributed by: Cuz0067 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ FAQ by BostonFuse51 30K