Once you play it you cant sto playing it. Amazing game, amazing music, very funny story

I think there are two options in classifying this game, one is highly addictive and the other is amazing. I give this game 9.5 because I've been playing games all my life, I love the Halos and the Gears of Wars and all that, but there aren't many games of this type for the 360, those dumb silly games like Super Mario Bros that relax you, games that you play just to have fun, not playing against other players and being tense like Halo online or something like that, this is game is pure fun, I missed games like this. This is a SUPERB game for the little ones and a SUPERB game for the teen and old ones, it is very rewarding to start hearing more music as you color the city or the islands, and its very fun to play with another person in blob party. I don't recommend playing coop very much because for the player two may be boring, pinky just shoots paint at enemys or at you to color you again, so its like coop for Super Mario Galaxy, boring after some time. That is why this game is a 9.5 and not a 10. There are not many games of this type for the 360 that are this enjoyable so I HIGHLY recommend this one, believe me you are gonna have tons of fun. Hope this helped you make the right choice.