NHL 99 Cheats For PC

  1. Additional Cheats

    To get these cheats, just select 'exit' then click 'credits' then choose 'programming'. Now simply type one of the following codes to get the cheats:

    Code Effect
    warp9 youll get turbo mode
    eaonline enables internet play
    quicker fast and good players
    headbone players get big heads
    buffed larger players
    gulliver tall goalies
    nobody no crowd will watch you or even be there (lol it just a cheat though)
    crankit more D3D video resolutions
    1999 view the stanley cup FMV sequence
    injury Injuries
    HEADBONE Huge Heads
    HOMEGOAL Home Team Goal
    AWAYGOAL Away Team Goal
    Zamboni Zamboni resurfaces ice during play