So, if you're an N64 owner, it's a fine time to go pick up EA Sports NHL 99.

User Rating: 8.6 | NHL 99 N64
You may thinks it's a little late in the season for a hockey review but I dare say it's not. After all, this is when the National Hockey League separates the men from the boys, the sheep from the goats, the Scotsmen from the sheep... never mind.

Let's face it, the first part of the '98/'99 hockey season has most teams showcasing "new talent," trying new strategies and basically just jockeying for position within their conference. This time of year things get exciting: Teams are in a scramble for a better position or, in some cases, any play-off spot at all. Many teams are playing "desperation hockey." Being from Vancouver, that's all I'm used to. Go you stinky Canucks, go!