The first question after WTF?! was "where's the main menu??"

User Rating: 2 | NHL 2K11 WII
Okay, so this is a game that is missing A LOT. First of all, they tried to make it faster to play exhibition matches, and they made it good. But they didn't think about anything else: the game is missing a main menu, when you start the game you immediately have the possibility to start an exhibition, but you've gotta get to the seasons/dynasty or w/e through the exhibition match, meaning you have to start a match before you can get to playing anything else, or even to access the options.

Next, the gameplay, probably the biggest knockback to this game. They gave you the possibility to use the mote & nunchuk (with or without motion+), or the classic controller. If you're looking for an nhl game to be played with a normal controller, forget it and buy NHL 09 for PC. If, however, you want to try it with the mote and the nunchuk, go ahead, it can be of some fun but will never make it a serious game. Even with motion+ the controls are always way too sensitive or the other way round. Checking is ridiculously hard as you will land a successful hit every now and then, mostly just with pure luck. The idea of shooting like you would in real life was good, but looks like it wasn't that simple. Without motion+ you've gotta wave the mote around and around to finally get a shot off, and then it gets blocked due to too much waiting. The motion+ is of some help, but not at all enough compared to what it should be. The opposing team, however, rapes your defense with incredible shots that always seem to find the back of the net; if you somehow manage to save even half of the shots, you've done a heck of a game, not to even mention shot blocking that never seems to work. And worst of all, it's that hard on rookie already, imagine what it is on difficult.

As you may have understood already, you should NOT buy this game if you're looking for a "true" nhl game. If NHL 09 isn't enough for you, go and buy a PS3/X360 and a REAL NHL game for it. Score edited 2.0->1.5, the 0.5 comes from the advanced deking.