This game has it all!

User Rating: 9.5 | NHL 09 X360
I have been a big fan of EA's NHL series for a long time. I love to make a player in my likeness and play in the NHL and school the goalie with a nice deke. The one thing that always bothered me was the fact that from the moment you created your player you could max out the stats and make him a superstar from the first game. Nothing that you did on the ice made any difference in the abilities of your player. Now with the new BAP feature you make a "No Name Player" and based on how you play you can take him from a 0 to a superstar and when you score your first goal, it feels like you really scored that goal! Everything you do on the ice counts from the beautiful one handed deke to the missed pass opportunity that labels you as the puck hog of the team. The BAP feature forces you to play hockey instead of run around and button mash and hope for the best.
There are 2 main problems that I have encountered with this game that I would like to share.
One problem is the B button. This is designed for a line change. The problem is you are only controlling Your Player but the B button is for the whole offensive line. It really becomes a pain when you are on Defense and you go to stick lift (A) and all your players head for the bench. The second problem is Changing your on ice tactics. This is done by pressing on the D-Pad. you can change this on the fly when you are on the ice, but as soon as you hit the bench you have no control over it. I am not sure if changing the tactics affects the whole team or just your line but either way you should be able to set them while you are on the bench so you don't have to take precious moments on the ice to set them. Just my 2 cents.
I have not tried the EAHL online league feature yet but am very exited to play with a team of people instead of CPU controlled players. To practice, train, and play with the same group of people will be great!