With Phaneuf, on the cover; and with be a pro this might be the best NHL game, and possible best EASports game this year

User Rating: 9 | NHL 09 X360
Surprisingly getting a 9 on IGN, who knows for gamespot? I understand why they have such good scores to it. It surpasses 08, but it just expands on it.


The whole fact of you starting off in the AHL, then onto the NHL is something new for some players and it'll give you a little look of the industry. People are too used to being a NHL team and playing dynasty.

But if you don't feel like making your way up and you say you'll do it when the time comes around (If your future is to be a hockey player) then by all means, when the time comes.


Multiplayer expanded 1 man, and now has official teams which you can go into leagues, win cups and whatever else you do and win in hockey. Be a pro online team play expanded with full players being on the team.


When your playing depending on which position you are you can now expand what dekes to do to make your goalie look stupid. With normal dekes you can now do one handed dekes,and win over the goalie. Too bad you can't do that with Broduer...

: The Good :
New Be A Pro
One Handed Dekes

: The Bad :
Might take a while waiting for be a pro
Faceoff glitch is still in

...and the kids of x box live/PSN.