The perfect sports game!

User Rating: 10 | NHL 09 X360
From the new EASHL to the Be a Pro mode to all the old favorites, this game is addictive and all around entertaining. If you love hockey BUY IT NOW, if you just like playing sports games with your friends BUY IT FASTER. GREAT GREAT GAME. There is no other game like this, and even when others try to copy, it won't match it. And please, if you are a 2k faithful, give it up. There is no comparison. NHL 09 blows 08 out of the water when 08 destroyed 2k8. Madden has forever fallen behind nhl games when it comes to innovation. Madden just can't pull off the same modes.

The best part of the game will be the replay value based on the fabulous EASHL. This will be one of those rare games that will be heavily played for its entire lifespan.

Sure, there will be those who claim madden is better or 2k9 is better, but why listen to just me when there are tons of sites like this one rating nhl better than all of its competitors. Without question it is the most impressive sports game made to date.