This game is an amazing game, i recomend it to all hockey fans

User Rating: 9.5 | NHL 09 X360
this game is extroardinarily done, the be a pro mode is amazing the character customization could be a little bit better but is none the less very well done, and the ranking system(rookie, pro etc.) is also very well done. EA has very little they could improve upon for the next nhl game. i love the fact that the mainscreen back drop changes every time, different teams, i also like how you get to choose what team your player will be on, but i think it would be more interesting if you could go through a training program then get drafted to a team. i think it would bring alot more to the game if you could go through shooting drills, passing drills a skrimish then depending on how well you do there will help to decide the team you will end up on later in your carreer with trade oppurtunities, it would bring in a whole new aspect to the game with new options avaible and soo much more value to the game.