Simply Awesome

User Rating: 10 | NHL 09 X360
This game is so groundbreaking and perfect that it consumes my waking play hours.

I own all of the sports games on the market, I am a sports gaming junkie and this game is the threshold all games should build upon.

The game itself is pretty much as last year except for a few additions including Be a Pro and minor different stick play.

My only problem is 08' was/is so great that you really don't need 09' except for roster updates and having a good supply of opponents to play online.

The only downside that I can see is online: It seems to play alot slower than 08'. The players skate and pass much slower. The few games I have played online does feel alot slower but it could be my imagination.

The upside to online play is it's alot harder to actually score giving it a "real" feel opposed to scoring 7-10 points per game. Most of the games I've played online have gridlocked to a shoot-out which rarely happened to me in the 08 game.

Updated graphics,gameplay and overall presentation makes this game a no brainer. If youhave the dough, buy it and I'll see you online.