free-roaming= SWEET

its been a year and a half since Spider Man 2 came out, but what the heck, im pretty sure people still read old and new reviews... so anyways... Spider man 2 is a good game but the graphics arn't all that great, there are some blocks here and there... the sound is ok, and the music is just like on the first Spider man game. But the good thing about this game is that its free-roaming!! Unlike the first Spider Man, you can actually touch and run around on the ground. Its a good game to play and a good time waster, like say if you have beaten any GTA games and you play it over and over again just to kill people and drive cars, fly helicopters, ect. The webslinging in this game is quite fun and fighting the badies are also fun, but the bad thing about the fighting techniques is that the combos are repetitive unless you use your web here and there... the good thing about the fighting combos is that its just one button. I cant really say much more, so have fun playing SM2!!!