Solid NHL game.

User Rating: 8.9 | NHL 06 XBOX
I love NHL 05...i mean 06. so little has changed since last year that i thought i was playing 05 alot of the time, which to me is not a bad thing. Though its gameplay is not as good as 2k6s is, it is still enjoyable. The dynasty mode is what hooks me each and every Damn year. I have easily put 100+ hrs into each of EAs nhl games because of it. The mode is honestly the deepest in any sports title to date.It is also one of the hardest. You at times will be locked in a scoreless tie 4 minutes into OT and give up the puck leading to the computers victory, which gets extremely frusturating. The game really doesn't evolve the series any. It actually devolves it with the ridiculus figure skater like moves (used with the right anolog stick instead of deking options) which suck. If you like hockey and you liked NHL 05 you will like 06.