Failed my expectations... Lost hopes for Square-Enix...

I can see why it took so long for the game to be finally finished-the graphics and the worlds are very well done. But, the story was not a great one to go with the worlds, in fact, I thought it was very stupid-making the art of the game go to waste.

The dialogue was very disappointing, very childish sounding and annoying. I suspect that it was most likely a very direct translation of the Japanese version. Maybe if Japanese voices and English subtitles were available, the dialogue would be a little more understanding.

The characters were very... dumb... mostly likely because of the dialogue. Lighting (un-unique names...) was very annoy, her attitude made her seem like a wall in the party. Snow seemed like he was meant to represent the current day "cool guy", someone who stands up for their friends, blah, blah, blah-they failed at that... The other main characters in the game-best to say that there is nothing special about them to say that this character is a main character. Oh, many of them are very annoying to listen to...

The battle system was a good try-better if you can manually move away from other characters that melee, so your own character doesn't get hit by massive area damage by the enemy (and so you don't die and the game ends, which is stupid and I don't understand why another character in the party can die but not the character you are controlling). I do not like it when they change roles, they do their own little dance moves which can result in killing the main character since the main character is the last to change roles out of the three-plus, I don't see the need to dance a little when I am almost out of HP... I do like that there is no MP in the game, making one less thing to worry about. Oddly, the game cannot run two or more Firega or etc. at once, meaning that if two or all three of the characters are waiting to do area damage, they are going to have to take turns... The summonings are dumb in the game, I barely used them. I do not believe that there was any "Hi-Potion" or anything higher in the game which I find it odd not to add it in.

Customization in the game was easy to use... very basic…

The music was nice; it did its job and reflected the art of the scenes.

I got tired of the game before I reached the end so I quit and never finished it. I believe I stopped playing near the end… Square-Enix failed to explain the situation and the way the world functions-so I didn't know the "why." Very disappointing because I've played all the Final Fantasy-ies out there and this one I had high expectations because it took so long for its release... No, I will never replay the game, never will I go back to beat the game, and I am not buying XIII-2 either. They need to go back and look at the Final Fantasy games that succeeded with their stories-the story of the game is going to make the game a great game or a bad game, not the arts.