Almost killed the Tomb Raider franchise.

After the slightly disappointing TOMB RAIDER: CHRONICLES, which was too short and the PC version had way too many bugs towards the end, I was looking forward for ANGEL OF DARKNESS to make things right, and get the series back to the level of excellence achieved by TR3 and THE LAST REVELATION (amazingly set among Egyptian ruins). But dear god in heaven.. this one was a flat-out disaster. Someone, somewhere, thought it was a smart idea to change the "look" and gameplay methods of the series, which were much loved and appreciated by the fans worldwide. They even f---ing added the "let Lara chose the right answer to a question or she loses" option, which is absolutely lame, and so NOT Tomb Raider.

Lara moved like a zombie. Looked like a zombie. And it was so frustrating that everytime she'd walk, she would start with VERY slow steps before running properly. The graphics were less-than-impressive, and there were practically no mysteries, and the only difficulty a player would face was controlling her movement, like jumping or ducking or crouching. The story was lame. The PARIS part was just aweful I felt I am playing an orientation game, not an action adventure (one would need to run from one shop to the other and ask questions and sh*t like that.. where's the action, damn it?

There's nothing entertaining about this game. It's dull and boring and lifeless. Thankfully, the creators got it right later, and the franchise was rebooted with LEGEND. I would never play this again (and I didn't even finish it, despite being a hardcore TR fan)